Hello! Does anyone have suggestions for low-cal dinners?

SMDRAKE - 2:40AM UTC, Mar 7th 2011

Hi everyone! I just started CK in February. So far I have been doing pretty well during the day, but I find it really tough at dinner time and on the weekends (when I'm with my family). Does anyone have any suggestions for dinners that are around 500 calories or less? Preferably ones for which I can add and subtract veggies as each family member desires. My goals are to eat within my calorie range, but to only serve one meal for the family, not one meal per person. :)

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!!

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hey amanda i don't know if u ever found the noodles but the website above may b ur answer!! hope ur happy & movin on down the scale as always!!! have a beautiful w/e lady!! xoxo

AKFANN - 4:58AM UTC, Mar 9th 2011

Southeast Georgia

Another great meal that my family loves is pizza night. We take low carb tortillas and top them the way we want them. This is a great way to use up leftovers or fresh veggies. My favorite is a BBQ chicken pizza. I usually start with a little light BBQ sauce on the tortilla, add low fat mozzarella, cooked and diced chicken breast (coated in a little more BBQ sauce), diced onion, diced bell pepper and sliced mushrooms. This is very low cal. Just measure and/or weigh everything as you go to be able to calculate the calories. Also check out the recipes that CK offers.



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LIFELOVER - 2:45PM UTC, Mar 7th 2011

West Michigan

Try Shirataki noodles, which are a great noodle o r pasta substitute - and you can use them with pasta sauces, Asian stir-fry dishes like Pad Thai, even in place of reg. pasta/noodles in soups. The reason they are so great is that they are virtually calorie free, and very low to no carbs, AND a great source of fiber (3g per serving) so everybody can chow down on them guilt free. Really easy to use, really versatile. They come in different shapes (e.g. angel hair, fettucine, rigatoni, etc). Some major groceries carry them (near the tofu/organic section). But it's most common to find them in health food stores in the refrigerated case (they come in bags and are packaged in water). The brand I have tried is House Foods. I hope to also try Miracle Noodle brand soon, they can be ordered online through either miraclenoodle.com or amazon.com. I think they are a lifesaver!! Good luck!