Hello, I am new to the group

TJENS1 - 2:05PM UTC, Apr 1st 2010

Southern California

I have been a member of CK for about 3 months. When I was my heaviest last fall, I was very lerthargic. I am trying to walk during my lunch break. It is hard to be motivated to walk. Sometime during the walk, I feel it is GREAT to be walking. I noticed that I have improved. I first started walking about 15 min and was tired. I now walk 35 min and sometimes I go for 60 mins. My wife and I usully walk to and from breakfast on Saturdays. (about 1 mile to the restaurant). A couple of times we went to different restaurants that was about 1 1/2 miles away. Those other restuarants did not have the calorie content listed on their menus. I don't think I will be visiting those restaurants very soon.

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TJENS1 - 2:00PM UTC, Apr 12th 2010

Southern California

Thanks for the comments

April 3, I walked about 4 miles. I am starting to look at different routes to walk.
Not just the quikest to the goal.

Goal lose 1 to 2 lbs per week
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LORIMCGHEE - 1:37PM UTC, Apr 12th 2010


Welcome to CK Tom! Move as much as you can every day and it will get easier and easier. It has for me. I just take one day at a time, work to stay within my calorie target daily, and try to set reasonable goals for myself for exercise. The weight is coming off slowly but that should help me to keep it off. I am done with the yo-yo diet and weight gain.

Keep up the walking!


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hi tom!! i know how u feel!!! when i first started walking about 4 wks ago i could only make it 5 min!!! of course my recovering from a 2nd hip surgery had some to do with that but believe me not as much as 3-4 yrs of sitting!!! i like u have really been able to c what a difference it has made cuz i can do a mi round trip now!! it takes me 30 min to walk it & i can really feel the improvment!!! lol!!! i can relate also to the nutritional content at those other resturants being a secret!! lol!!! what i find most times is the resturants that don't offer that info is a resturant that people like us should avoid!!! ex. olive garden!!! lol!!! they only tell u the nutrition on like 6 of 70 things they offer!!! when i went to my computer to look further for their nutrition it was horrendous!!!! the caloric count was through the roof!! welcome to ck & best of luck to you!! peace to u & urz!!
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JHSBBY - 2:56AM UTC, Apr 12th 2010


Great job on the walking! We have a weekly challenge here as mentioned above. I would encourage you to join. It has made a diffence for me. Keep up the good work.

JCONTINO - 12:47PM UTC, Apr 3rd 2010

New York

Hey Tom! So glad you joined!!! I just started at the beginning of March and I love it! Hope you join some of our challenges soon if you haven't done so already.


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NMENDICOTT - 8:29PM UTC, Apr 2nd 2010

Dallas, TX

Hey Tom! Welcome to the group! Sounds like you are on the right track with the walking. My husband and I used to walk to get iced cream all the time and we had to break that habit and just walk. I think it is great that you are incorporating movement into something that you would be doing anyways. Best of luck to you!

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