SDTROGDON - 12:30PM UTC, Sep 6th 2012


I need help guys. I have lost all motivation. I don't think I care whether or not I lose weight and get healthy anymore. It is too hard. And I am too tired and frustrated. Can anyone "talk me down off the wall"? I hate the way I look and feel, but apparently not enough to commit to do anything about it. I just want to scream! Why does this have to be so hard? AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

ITAZURAH - 2:43PM UTC, Sep 9th 2012


Hello Shannon! First of all, look how far you have come! I see that you started at 358 and at one point you were 315. If you've gained some back since then, don't worry, you CAN do it! The numbers show that you can, and you've done it once, you WILL do it again!

As I commented this morning in reply to Toms welcome post, the only thing, ONLY THING that keeps me sane is focusing on my mini goals instead of the whole thing. If I let myself dwell on how much I have to go I lose my mind, if I focus on how far I've come, and pat myself on the back for it, and then think about the mini goal ahead, it becomes more achievable.

It doesn't stop me from having fits of self loathing and feeling overwhelmed, and I sense that this is where you are at now. When I'm self loathing I'm bad at losing weight. I'm still working my way through a negative period. I've gained some weight, stopped exercising and lost focus. It's easy to do, and very hard to get back on top of.

Tom - I LOVE A league of their own. That's a great quote, I'm going to pin it on my wall :) Tootsie, great quote as well :)



TOOTSIE45 - 2:16PM UTC, Sep 9th 2012

Long Island, NY

All I can add is that everyday is a new beginning. I can relate so much to your post. I have major health problems and am reasonably intelligent so you would think I would stay on plan and hold on like a drowning man to a life perserver. Unfortunately it hasn't been so. But I just joined this site and I am not giving up.

Love that quote from A League of Their Own and will add that to my list, also like "no one said it would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it.

Never give up.


HIKINGAZ - 4:02PM UTC, Sep 7th 2012

I have recently started CK, and I am new to the group, but I know what you mean. The road ahead seems so long. But your post reminded me of a quote I share with my students when they tell me something is hard. It's from "A League of Their Own."

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

I have many moments like the one you describe. But I know that each time I get to a goal, I will relish the satisfaction of having accomplished something so difficult.

Keep is achievable and it is worth it.

VNEISWONGER - 7:58PM UTC, Sep 6th 2012

Clarion, PA

I feel your loss of motivation. I just got over a slouch myself.
You know what it is hard. If it wasnt it wouldnt be worth it. As somene else said we didnt get this way in a week, butits going to take a while to get it off in a healthy way.
I thought to myself why shouldnt I eat that candy bar. Ive lost 40 pounds so one wont hurt me. Well that one led to gaining back 6 of those that I just lost and I just wanted to jump off the roof. But as you can tell I didnt. What I did do is kick myself in the ass and looked forward to losing those 6 pounds.
Do you have someone to help you with your motivation? What is your biggest motivatiion? Mine is I dont want to die!
I understand where ylu are coming from and it is natural to get these moods the trick is to not let them get you down. Sure wallow for a day and the next get up and say" I can do this ,I WILL do this" and remember we are here to read your posts and give you support. All you have to do is let us know whats going on. I check posts everyday, so if I can help just let me know.
Vicki the bookwitch

TMOORE1 - 6:00PM UTC, Sep 6th 2012


It looks hard because it sneaks up on you. You didn't get into this shape all at once. It happens in little teeny bits, over time. But right now, you're looking at the big picture, the result of all those little steps, and being overwhelmed.

Don't be. Just shrug that aside, and go from here.

"Every journey begins with a single step."

You CAN make that one step.

""I can do it. I will do it."