Hi from a Newbie!

CHOOSE2DAY - 3:16PM UTC, Oct 30th 2010


Hi Everyone! I'm relatively new to CK, just starting about 3 weeks ago. The first two weeks went very well. Then on the 3rd week I had surgery on the veins in my legs. Thankfully, I was able to 'hold my own' weight-wise during that week. Now this past week I have been at home recovering. I was tempted to eat, just to comfort myself, but Thank God, I've been able to hang in here! I've read a few of your posts, and am interested in seeing what works for all of you. Yes, it is a long process.....actually adopting a lifestyle. So I need all the encouragement and knowledge that I can get. Nice to be with you! :inlove1: JK

AKFANN - 2:44AM UTC, Nov 2nd 2010

Southeast Georgia


Welcome! We're glad to have you. That is wonderful news to hear that your recovery from surgery has not been your undoing. Eating in moderation, logging everything and making healthy choices has been my key to success so far.

Good luck!

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