Hiking group in Tucson?

TMOORE1 - 7:03PM UTC, Sep 19th 2012


Alright, Tom (HIKINGAZ) & I both live in Tucson, and are thinking of getting together for hiking. Anybody else in town & interested?

Tom, I live mid-town (near Reid park) and work, so it'd have to be on the weekends. I can walk long distances, but it has to be slowly.



"I can do it. I will do it."

HIKINGAZ - 3:43PM UTC, Sep 20th 2012

I like the Cactus Forest complex at Saguaro National Park east (Broadway trailhead). It allows for hikes as short as 2 miles with almost no elevation gain to as long as 12+ miles with lots. I haven't been out in a while, so I usually just start with the 2 mile loop.