How is everybody doing?

TMOORE1 - 6:50PM UTC, Jul 17th 2012


Hey there, 100+ forum members. How is everybody doing?

A few months ago, we successfully stirred up more activity on this forum. But I see it's tapered off again.

How 'bout if we rally 'round and try to get to helping each other again?

For myself, I've been neglecting CK because I've been off the rails with my eating, big time. I'm okay physically; I'm not ill. I'm doing pretty well - not perfect, but keeping at it - with my exercise routine. But I just Can.Not.Break.The.Binge.Habit. <hanging head> I'll be good for while and then I'll scarf down thousands of calories. Some days I log it, but some days I'm so in denial about it that I don't even log on to CK.

I'm down, but not out. I CAN do this.

So how is everybody else doing? Maybe give use a short report here?


"I can do it. I will do it."

TMOORE1 - 5:51PM UTC, Jul 23rd 2012


I just got back from a birdwatching tour, by bus up into the mountains around here. Great fun.

Good to hear people are still around. Debra - congrats on the 330 milestone. You're getting there. Can't wait 'till you break 300.

Lenie, I'm typing in a rush right now. Let me re-read your post and I'll reply with something more after I have time to think about it

<group hug> everybody. Let's stick together.


"I can do it. I will do it."

LENIEGURL - 12:55AM UTC, Jul 20th 2012


Hi everybody, I was wondering where everyone has been, I guess its summer and people are off on vacation ect. Well, I have finally made some progress. I began with CK at 244 pounds it was rising. I really realized I had to do something, I got busy and lost about 8 pounds and than it was stuck mode, why??? well, too many calories and not working hard enough. I dropped the calories to 1350 and ratchet up the exercise, it has not been easy, but it is getting easier every day. Sometimes I will go up to 1500 but never over that, here is the key, even if you do a little exercise just do something, instead of eating 6 cookies eat 2 than drop it to 1. Basically start somewhere, you can do it, I am now at 227, still a long way to go, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnell. As far as binges, we all do it because its part of the way we deal with food and our emotions, before you binge stop and think for 10 minutes
How will I feel afterward
Why am I doing this
Is there something else I could do
Is there something else I could eat that is healthy
And, will this get me closer to my goal or further
I know its hard, I know I may binge again, but I am trying to avoid it

DGARDNER61 - 5:49PM UTC, Jul 18th 2012

Katy, TX

Hi Toni - good to hear from you! Hey we are all in the same boat- I think my last blog was about this epiphany moment when I realized I really hadn't "changed" my eating habits - that my weight loss so far was about changing my portions- etc... I still have my splurges of eating the same old crap! But I did break 330 - and am looking at that 320 - hope it won't be much longer- I saw my surgeon today for a check up - and he was pleased with my weight loss- and just said - you now just need to take it to the "next level" - which I guess means what? Work harder? I know I need to - ugh! But I'm hanging in there! My a/c crapped out on me this week - and in Houston that's like a horrible thing! All this stress in life - I just don't handle it well - makes me want to eat! I'm not giving up either- you've only failed when you quit trying!:hi:

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