I cant believe I didnt eat the whole thing.

VNEISWONGER - 9:32PM UTC, Jul 25th 2012

Clarion, PA

Today is a beautiful day. :wave1::kiss:
Went and got my allergy shots, then went to Dubois to get some wood. The man is building me another cupboard for the kitchen.
Went to the Italian Oven for lunch. I am so proud of myself for stopping before I stuffed myself. I brought 1/2 home for my dinner.
I was sick the last couple nights and now Im wondering if I didnt overeat and it took to much time to reach my brain. Cause let me tell you (not to be gross) popcorn and lettuce does not feel good coming back up.Not that anything does.
I just said to my fiance that a few months ago that we would eat all our meal +a loaf of bread, maybe two + our salad. Not anymore! He is trying to lose weight also. So we are doing it together but seperately.I am doing the carb counting, and he is doing the cutting back. We are both losing weight so it must be working for both of us.
Till next time..... :kiss: Vicki the bookwitch