I'm new!!

PFUND2233 - 2:53PM UTC, Aug 12th 2010


Hi everyone. I'm really hoping this is going to work. I'm 28, happily married and have 2 wonderful kids whom I want to be around for. I have dieted and all the good stuff in the past but now it's time for a change. I'm not only wanting to do this I NEED to do this. My 8 year old daughter is growing up in mine and her dads foot steps and is already over weight. I'm hoping by myself getting my weight under control I can better help her and my husband. I look forward to working with this program and any suggestions are welcome!! Have a great Thursday!!

AKFANN - 11:21PM UTC, Aug 19th 2010

Southeast Georgia

Welcome to CK Lacey! I can so relate to your story. It's great that you're taking steps to get healthy at a young age.


HW: 313.2
CKSW: 303 (Apr 2010)
CW: 254.8 and dropping!
IGW: 238.2 (75 lbs)
GW: 150

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