Intro to Brenda

BRAEDENSMOM - 2:40PM UTC, Jan 17th 2009


Hi guys....I feel your pain...literally. Back aches, knees hurt like heck. I am soooo tired of being tired. I have about 120 to the hell did I get this way? I'm lucky I'm tall cause if I were 5'3" I'd be screwed (my attempt at humor) I actually use to be way heavier. I must've been over 350 because my scale said "OL" ...that sucked. I got divorced moved out of Alaska...and got down to 300. I worked at Curves all last year. I even hired a personal trainer at the gym. (Holy crap that hurt). So I learned alot about nutrition and work out routines and so on......I got down to 281 the same amout I got down too before ballooning up to over 350. 281 is my arch enemy I cant get passed it. Well I started Cal king at 294. I am now at 287 in only a week. Who knew you could lose weight by actually eating? I'm gonna be good about journaling this time tracking my steps each day and trying to get to the gym. We will see.