Just joined your group :)

1968RHONDA - 2:13AM UTC, Jan 10th 2011

Aubrey, TX

Hello everyone,

I am Rhonda, 42 years old, 5'10" and 397lbs. I am just getting started (again) armed with motivation, a new scale, a treadmill and a healthy meal plan for the week.
My goal right now is log my food and exercise every day until it feels second nature.
CK has set me at 2000cals per day. I could easily eat 2 or even 3x that amount when I was eating mindlessly. It's amazing to me as I manage my nutrition how full I feel at around 1500 cals.
I am considering reducing the ck target. Anyone in the group have thoughts on this?


FLORIDATREASURE - 6:44PM UTC, Jan 13th 2011 View users public blog


hi rhonda & welcom,
i responded to ur question cuz it really hit home with me!! my dr referred me 2 this site & wen i went bak to him a few wks later & indicated that i was given 2,000 cal's a day, he seemed put off & plainly in no uncertain terms told me NO WAY!! he wanted me at no more than 1500 & wd prefer 1200!!!! lol!!! hek i have a time keeping it to the 1500!!! lol!!! however i took his advice & have done fine!! i'm my biggest problem cuz i'm a sweets fanatic & eat candy daily!! i shouldn't & i kno this however i log it all & rite now am trying to abstain from chocolate candy altogether for the rest of this month!! lol!!! i started initially at 326 lbs after losing close to 50 lbs i came here & wen i learn to eat well on vacations too, i'll c a better result but still have lost another 49 lbs!!! wen i take off the last 6 i gained while in the west indies for Christmas!!! lmao!!! amanda has been a gr8 source of inspiration for me as well however my dr says that 2,000 is too much!! i think each person has to find there own but if ur doing gr8 at 1500 i wd run wit that!! let's face it no one will eat perfectly everyday for the rest of our lives but if that feels good for u & on ur bad days....we all have em......2,000 will seem like a bad day!!! lol!!! i'm jst sayin.....it won't be bad for u!!! best of luk!!!

1968RHONDA - 12:35PM UTC, Jan 10th 2011

Aubrey, TX

Thanks Amanda,

That seems sensible enough. I'll take that advice.
Your stats are very inspiring! Well done!

Rhonda :)

AKFANN - 2:54AM UTC, Jan 10th 2011

Southeast Georgia

Hi Rhonda! Welcome to the group. I would suggest sticking with the 2000 calories for a few weeks to see how it feels. I did that and then manually adjusted my calories to 1800. Just a suggestion, don't try to do it all too soon or you might get a little overwhelmed. You can eat within 150 calories of your target and still get a green check. So you really only need to consume 1850 calories.

Well, that's my two cents for what it's worth. Again welcome and good luck!


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