Just returned and ready to get back on track...

LORIMCGHEE - 7:10PM UTC, Jan 10th 2012


I have been off of CK for a year and gained back the 52 lbs I lost in 2010 and a little more. 2011 was a rough year and I unfortunately fell right back into old habits and used food to give me comfort. I am so disappointed that I gained all my weight back after working so hard to lose but I am going to give it another shot. I will be 50 in Aug 2013 and I just can't be almost 300 lbs when I hit that milestone. My husband and I want to travel to Europe and I don't want to be so out of shape that I can't enjoy the trip or see all that I want to see. We've been waiting to go for so long... So I'm back and been able to hit my calorie target 5 out of 6 days - it's a start...

ANGELDOLL - 2:51AM UTC, Feb 29th 2012

I lost 60 lbs with CK in 2010 and then quit. I gained it all back with more. I am back this time to make new habits that will LAST! I have 110+ to lose to be at my target weight which is NOT my ideal weight per my doctor. He wants me thinner still. Back in December 2011 I hit an all time high weight of 270 lbs. For my birthday in February, I started CK again. I was down to 255.5 lbs by just walking and using the food database by then and have been back online for 1 week. I didn't lose any weight this week but my waist is down by an inch! HOORAY! I will rejoice over every small victory this time! Best wishes to all! We can do it! ANGELDOLL-"Live in the now!"

DGARDNER61 - 2:32PM UTC, Feb 1st 2012

Katy, TX

Welcome back Lori! We've all been there- lose and regain. I've struggled my whole life with being very overweight - and with lots and loss/regain. You've got a great incentive - not turning 50 -that's just a number - but traveling in Europe! It's a dream for me as well- it's awful that now at this age in my life I can afford to go - but I can't physically handle going.. so I'm cheating myself out of something wonderful! Just stick to calorie king- it's not about being perfect at tracking or eating- just becoming more aware. I've been here for 2 years now - and I've lost about 60 lbs... I've been stuck the last 6 months at the same weight- but I haven't gained it back - and for me that's a success...and I think always coming back to calorie king -no matter what's going on -has really helped me stay focused on what I want to achieve: a healthier, happier and more mobile me! Best wishes!


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KELL1975 - 1:41AM UTC, Jan 19th 2012

South Bend, IN

Welcome back! I'm just now starting to get back more seriously into CK too, after loosing 40 some pounds several years back. I too fell off the wagon into old habits and then had some pretty stressful times to top it off which of course just push me more into food. Awesome start at keeping to your calorie target ! I haven't hit mine, but I've not been horribly bad -- it's a start. Next step - get myself back to the gym!

Again, congrats and welcome back!