Must lose 100 lbs.

ROPTE - 8:18AM UTC, Jun 14th 2014

How I wish that I lose the excess weight before I had to lose the weight to save my life. I must not only watch the calories but the proteins, sodium, carbs, and fats. My nutritionist told me about Calorie King and I'm grateful. She has also taught me much needed information, will see her again in one month. I'm still fumbling around on the site but slowly learning. Wish me lucky, I need your support, can't do it alone. I belong to TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly and have a meeting every week, but I hope to have the 100 + community and Calorie King everyday. Kathy

NMENDICOTT - 12:14PM UTC, Jun 26th 2014

Dallas, TX

Hi Kathy! Glad to see you reached out on the forum. It is definitely daunting when you first start but the people here are so wonderful and kind and inspirational. The regular boards seem to generate more conversation, but I will start checking this board more often for everyone! :wave1:

I also have 100Ibs to lose. I am on week 2 after returning to CK and I must say, this program really does work and it does it in a way that can be maintained.

HW - 298 (2009)
Current weight - 270