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Ripon, Calif.

I've been using ck for about two weeks now just feeling my why around. this group sound just right for me. I plan on loseing about 120 pounds. In 1996 i lost 105 pounds, within 4 years was back to 310, than in 2002 lost anther 100 plus pounds only to put back on even faster. I've been going between 340 & 280 evercent. It has been realy hard to get modtivate to get sereous about losing any weight since idt seem like all ido is put it ack on plus. My Doctor at the me into there moved program & the Deit T. told me about ck. I,ve lost 20 pounds since Fed. 1st. Gone from 306 to 286. I realy what to change my eating habit and keepit off this. Getting to old to keep dthis bak & forth up.

JILLBABYBARTOW - 5:14PM UTC, Apr 26th 2011

One book Ive found super helpful is the Eat this, not that group of books. They are great because Im one of those people who thinks about all of the stuff I can't have while dieting- they are great because they give you alternatives!

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Ripon, Calif.


The last time i lost 100 lbs i work at it for a year, i through i change my lifestyle. But it wasn't very long and i was back to my old self. I'm sorry i didn't write back sooner, after i
join i forgot all about this site. Anyway this time i'm going to work permanent lifestyle change and still connected to CK. even after i lose the weight.

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AHOWLER - 5:57PM UTC, Apr 4th 2011

Lemon Grove, Ca

Hello Jerry and welcome. I to hope to break the yo yo effect. If you need any support just mesage me. I will do the same. Good to see you giving this a try also.

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Ripon, Calif.

Hopefully this time i will change my eating habits for good, instead of just for time i'm losing weight. Need to lean how to control eating everything & just eating enough.

AKFANN - 4:51AM UTC, Mar 9th 2011

Southeast Georgia

Welcome Jerry! I've been there done that as have many CKr's. When I was 30, I lost 80+ pounds and gained it all back plus some after getting pregnant with my daughter. Now I'm 40 and doing it all over again. I do believe that logging everything in a daily diary is the key. It's taken 102 pounds off me so far. I still have another 61 to go. I'm changing my lifestyle habits, eating habits and exercise habits along the way. It's all falling into place via CK. Congratulations on your 20 lb loss! Keep up the great job you're doing. As you can see, this program works.


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