New here, Old Dieter!!

RDT84721 - 3:57PM UTC, Mar 7th 2011



I'm new to CK, 2 weeks, but was on WW for 2 years. I was really successful with WW before I had back surgery. I went from 429 to 285 then had to have a 4 level fusion. Then after about 8 months and a 70# gain I finally was able to get my head around getting back with the program. WW had changed their program, they now have the Points Plus system and I could not stop gaining. I checked with my Dr. and found that my pain med, Lyrica, causes weight gain so I stopped using it. Putting up with the sure wasn't easy but I thought getting the #s off might just offset the problems and I would do better. Well after a couple of months and more weight I decided to try a different program and started CK. Now after 2 weeks and a 12# loss I'm feeling so much better about my self that I think I have a new home. Sorry WW but Ck does work.

And the folks here really act concered.

All my best,

Bob T:bang:

KRIS000 - 2:25PM UTC, Mar 14th 2011

Hi Bob -- What a time you've had. I'm in awe that you went from 429 to 285. Amazing. Congrats to you on that huge achievement. Everything is looking up for you! Good luck and looking forward to seeing you drop those pounds. :)

RDT84721 - 5:02AM UTC, Mar 13th 2011


Yep, I am back on track. And have started a repair business, I was an Electronic Technician for the school district and before that was co-owner of a TV and Appliance store. So, I thought why not go back to doing something I was really good at. My wife's name is Christie so I am callling my shop Christie's Husband, he can fix almost anything. From computers to appliances. Seems like the ladies get a kick out of that.

Have a great weekend,


LIFELOVER - 10:55PM UTC, Mar 8th 2011

West Michigan

Bob, it's great to have you here with us! Looks like you are back on track and winning!!
Keep in touch! - Beej