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GRACETRAVISM - 5:29PM UTC, Sep 30th 2012

I always think how great it would be to join these groups and find real support. At the same time I always feel like I'm invading a group that already has connections. So I'm going to try anyway. I am about to turn 27, I want to start a family, but I won't do so until I lose at least 100 pounds. At the same time, I can't seem to stay motivated. I don't know why. Before my wedding I was able to stay focused enough to lose over 40 pounds. I feel trapped.:bang:

WOODSANDWIND - 11:46PM UTC, Oct 8th 2012

Up nort'


If I had to say there was one thing that kept me from being successful, it would that I spend more time thinking about it than doing it.

Thinking does NOT cause weight loss. It can, however, be responsible for weight gain, unless you are thinking while moving.

I don't believe we need to know WHY we aren't successful. What we DO need to do is DO IT......walk, weigh food, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE.


May we all be filled with sisu - the tenacity to keep fighting the good fight!

BRIANMCD - 1:43PM UTC, Oct 1st 2012

Indianapolis, IN

What helped me last month was some of the challenges. I love the PAW challenge that’s a (Pound a Week). Today is the start for October PAW, you might look into these challenges for inspiration and a push in the right direction. Don’t forget we have a long journey, and a long ways to go. It will not come off over night, just keep going one day at a time.

Good luck, :wink3:


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