EMMALYN - 4:09AM UTC, Feb 27th 2011

Hi Everyone,
Just started CK today. Even though I have 100+ to loose (along with some bad habits) I'm feeling optimistic. First habit to go? Lack of accountability. Its just so easy to think- "if I don't write it, I didn't eat it." Time for change and I'm ready!

JUSTONDREA - 6:39PM UTC, Sep 25th 2011

Kapuskasing, Ontario

Today is my first full day using CK. So far, I love it. I love how you can enter from food labels, things not found in the food bank. And on the recipes, you can cut down to 1 serving to know how much of it you should be eating......then lol, bump it up to 3 so your hubby does not think your trying to starve him......haha........Maybe you would like to be friends on here....I have a LONG way to go also.... hugssssssssss Ondrea

DRACOSMYTH - 2:18PM UTC, Sep 25th 2011

WOW! Amanda: You are an inpiration to me as I started out just a few pounds lighter than you (at 308) and haven't been the best at getting the weight off.

Welcome to the newcomers!

ICME - 1:25AM UTC, Sep 23rd 2011


Today is my first day with CK and I am still trying to find my way around. I got a long journey in front of me So I guess with have plenty of time to get to know each other. I am married and live in Australia. My three girls are all grown up these days. In fact one is getting married next month. :)

AVIARA - 11:37PM UTC, May 2nd 2011

Another Newbie here, from Ontario, Canada :wave1: I have a TON to lose...can't even put it in print, I try NOT to think of the actual number! I'm also retired, a g/mother and not new to the wt-loss 'game'. My experiences (some success) has taught me that recording in a diary is one very important step to success, and another one is support. Is this the place to go and chat on a regular basis? Talking is good!

Thanks ...

MARGARELA - 4:14AM UTC, Mar 13th 2011


I am new welcome, and I'm glad you are here.

LIFELOVER - 10:56PM UTC, Mar 8th 2011

West Michigan

One step at a time - you are WORTH IT!! :)

CURVYGIRL11 - 7:12PM UTC, Mar 4th 2011


Welcome! Good luck on your journey. You'll find great help and encouragement here.

AKFANN - 4:02PM UTC, Feb 27th 2011

Southeast Georgia

Welcome to the CK family! We can all agree that accountability is extremely important. Congratulations on your first step.


HW: 313.2
CKSW: 303 (Apr 2010)
CW: 213.0 (100.2 lbs & dropping!)
IGW: 200
GW: 150

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson