Newbie - Can I join this group please??

SENGA123 - 4:43PM UTC, Sep 22nd 2008

Hi All,
I am new to CK. I've done it all with regards to diets, I've decided that part of my problem with dieting is the restrictions that is placed on my food intake when I diet. With CK, I can still eat what I want but less of it. So, I am thinking this is the approach I should take to help me manage my weight. Afterall, I do love to eat a lot of different foods.

Hello fellow CKers, you will see me on the board as Senga123, I am 44, married with two kids ages 13 & 9. I work as a technical writer therefore I do sit all day. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember (since the age of 10). I have atleast 100 lbs to eliminate ---that I know for sure...

I joined CK today in hopes that it will help teach me the basics of nutrition, accountability, and incorporating changes for a healthy lifestyle. I hope to be a support to everyone on this board as I make this journey. Thank you in advance for your support.