MYSTICFAERY72 - 4:41AM UTC, Nov 8th 2010

Winston, Oregon

Just wanted to stop and say Hi. I have been a member of CK for a few weeks now, but did not really attempt to start doing any eating plan until recently. On July 25th I broke three of the four bones in my ankle. I ended up with emergency surgery to put in 9 screws and a plate to hold everything together to heal. I was finally given the go ahead about 6 weeks to start bearing weight and walking. I have been back to work approximately a month. I had another surgery this past week to remove a large screw that was immobilizing my ankle....I am finally ready to start seriously moving...although still a bit limited in what I can do for exercise. The healing has been a slow process, but I feel well enough now to get serious. Obviously if I am joining a 100+ group, I have a long way to go, but if this past summer has done for me, it's given me a glimpse of what a life of immobility will be like. My knees and feet hurt most days, and I know if I do not take the opportunity to make myself and my health a priority, the more likely a permanent, more sedentary lifestyle I will lead. I don't want this. I'm still young, and have many things I would like to do. I have lost over 50 lbs in the last year by making small changes, and am excited to see how well I do by finally getting serious.


AKFANN - 10:48PM UTC, Nov 8th 2010

Southeast Georgia

Awesome Tonya! Sounds like you've made your mind up. Welcome to CK and thanks for joining our little group!


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