Taking meds/side effects

DIANALEERICH - 8:36PM UTC, Jan 6th 2011

San Jose, CA

I've been taking Lyrica for my Fibromyalgia for a couple of years. It helps a lot but I've found myself really gaining. Dieting feels like an uphill battle. Anyone else have a problem with meds that make you gain?

DIANALEERICH - 6:32PM UTC, Jan 16th 2011

San Jose, CA

Kristen, thanks so much for your response. I've found your words and strong determination very inspiring! I was wondering if you've ever tried acupuncture for your chronic pain? I'm considering it.

KRISTEN2DISCOVER - 5:16AM UTC, Jan 8th 2011


Hello Diana,

Even though I was only diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 4 months ago, I've previously taken a lot of medications to treat other chronic health issues. I have been on Lyrica, and I found that it made me retain so much water-weight that I was very uncomfortable. There is a medication very similar to Lyrica, but not used much because it is milder: Neurontin. I am now taking Neurontin to generally calm Fibromyalgia symptoms, and while it is weak and doesn't last very long, it has been the only medication to give me a sense having daily relief (even if temporary) from the chronic pains of Fibromyalgia. In any case, good luck with finding your answers and becoming your version of Health :)

And, to acknowledge the second part of your post: Oh yeah -- many medications are tough to balance within healthy lifestyle aims (ironically enough!). I honestly never really comprehended what struggling with my weight meant, until I began daily medication about 10 years ago. Now, I am at a new heaviest weight ever, and I just cannot let myself give up on my body -- because I am her voice and she is my feedback in many ways. It is a fierce hope of mine to be able to integrate treating chronic illnesses into a very personal and whole version of what my unique expression of authentic health can and will become.

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