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VNEISWONGER - 5:37PM UTC, Oct 7th 2012

Clarion, PA

I am back from my visit with my daughter and grandson.
:cry3: I gained 4 pounds while I was there. All we ate was mostly pasta. MY calorie intake was ok, but pasta everyday was rough and I am a pasta junky. So this week I will have to work extra hard to lose those 4 pounds. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am scheduled for a drs. visit on the 16th so Im hoping for those 4 plus more before going in.
Vicki the bookwitch

WOODSANDWIND - 7:20PM UTC, Oct 7th 2012

Up nort'

I'm sure you can do this, Vicki! It's a lot of weight in 9 days so don't beat yourself up if you are a few ounces short. Just log your food (even though it is boring) so you don't go over. And make sure you get some walking in. What kind of exercise are you getting?


May we all be filled with sisu - the tenacity to keep fighting the good fight!