We should get this group ramped back up to being more active :D

TIME2LOSE4ME - 8:15PM UTC, Aug 25th 2010 View users public diary

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Doesn't seem like there is much activity on this group, what could we do to make it more active? I think we could all benefit from working with each other and keeping motivated!


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TCLAY - 10:09PM UTC, Sep 26th 2010

A daily shout sounds good. We have to check in daily to record in the diary so coming here and sharing a success (or asking for help with a perceived failure) is a good thing. I know for me, if I have something to do (like this) it keeps me busy and away from FOOD. So, if nothing else, the next time you feel an urge for something you know you should not have, come in here and write about it. Let's help each other through.:help:

KRIS000 - 12:10PM UTC, Sep 9th 2010

I think we would do better if we had to check in every day and just account for our day... or just the exercise... or just to say we need help... or shout out an accomplishment. I know there are many of us out there that would benefit from daily check-ins. Just a thought. :smile1:

KRIS000 - 2:19PM UTC, Sep 4th 2010

That's great Keri! I, too, am adding a bit more exercise. I just ordered a set of workout DVDs. I'm excited to get started. :)

REDJASPER - 2:25PM UTC, Sep 2nd 2010

Hi Everybody,

I agree 100% we need to do more. We have the longest and hardest journey and need as much motivation and support possible.

Let's try and get rolling!

I have started walking now, 3 days, 20 minutes each and just about 1 mile.


KRIS000 - 12:31PM UTC, Aug 31st 2010

I am game to something to make this all-important group more active! We've got a pretty long journey so we need some activity happening to keep us going. I'll keep checking in to see all the ideas flooding in. :) I know they will be coming.

AKFANN - 11:34AM UTC, Aug 28th 2010

Southeast Georgia

I agree. Those of us in the group just need to check in more often. I try to look in at least on a weekly basis to see what's new.


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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

MIDDLEROAD - 9:47PM UTC, Aug 26th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary


Hi Jaime,

I'm kind of new. Been blogging mostly. People seem to be active there..... I don't know what would get things going.... but I will check in here more often and post.