Weekly Thread for week of 10/22/12

TICINO - 4:52PM UTC, Oct 22nd 2012

Sacramento, California Area

I just was able to read everyone's last week. Welcome to the new folks:wave1:, and congrats to everyone. :clap: Even when there were challenges, you didn't give up. Such an inspiration to me. Work has just continued to be busy so again, here it is Monday and I'm running aronud like a crazy woman. I will have to give my weigh in results later as I didn't take time to weigh in this morning.

As for my last week's report - I was doing pretty good until I went to dinner with a cousin who had flown into town for a few days. I didn't really over indulge per se, but I didn't do what I had planned on doing - only eat half and take the other half home. I ate the whole meal, and split a dessert. I was so full that night when I got home. I ended up grazing on things that had more salt than I needed, so I'm sure I have a lot of extra water weight than I need or want. Hopefully I can watch it this week and flush the sodium out of my system.

With all of this business expansion stuff I have been trying to coordinate during my so called down time, I haven't taken the time to sit down and plan my meals like I should. I just try and remember the positive meals I planned before, and try to make an effort to decrease the bread & carb stuff. I don't think I'm remembering things as well as I should - i think I need to try and plan more so I can do a better job at getting a variety of foods, and stay with in my calorie range!

My 3 Health Goals for the Week:
1. Try and plan meals & snacks better.
2. Drink 9-10 cups of water a day.
3. Get to bed earlier - before 10:00pm!

What are your 3 goals for the week?

Don't think of them as New Year's resolutions but as the 3 things I'm going to focus on to accomplish this week and then do my best at the other stuff. With regards to being more creative with the veggies - have you ever tried hummus? They've got some great flavors. I like to dip carrots and celery in it. It's got some fat (so you'll have to watch that) but it also has some protein and fiber - plus it's flavorful! Maybe that will help!

Happy Monday!!

SW = 323.2 as of April 23, 2012
CW = 311.6
GW = 160

"It's your REACTION to ADVERSITY, not the adversity itself, that DETERMINES how your LIFE's STORY will develop." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

MACRELMAR - 1:25AM UTC, Oct 26th 2012 View users public diary

Suzanne, are you doing ok?

MACRELMAR - 1:23AM UTC, Oct 26th 2012 View users public diary

Toni, great job on doing "better" and focusing on the good...what you are accomplishing! Keep it up!

Brian, congrats! Looks like you're doing really well and focused... I like it!

I've struggled yesterday and today. Will be focusing on what's working and what isn't for me as far as my food plan goes. I need to have some specific guidelines in place for myself in order to be successful. Mainly because I'm a compulsive overeater/food addict.

So my goal for the rest of this week is to be aware of my food intake and see what my triggers are for overeating. I've already eliminated white flour and sugar.

Hope you all have a great Friday. Thanks for sharing it helps me to hear your input!

TMOORE1 - 3:47PM UTC, Oct 25th 2012


Terrific Brian! You go!! <high five> Two pounds gone, forever.
That sounds right to me - if it's working, keeping doing the same thing!

I hit my goal yesterday, just barely: took the dog for a walk right before bedtime. Only 20 minutes of walking, but at least it was some exercise.

That's 2 out of 3 days for this week. Not perfect, but better.


"I can do it. I will do it."

BRIANMCD - 3:37PM UTC, Oct 25th 2012

Indianapolis, IN

Last week’s post seemed to work, lost another 2 lbs last week, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. A few distractions this week, its fall break so the kids are home from school. :tongue10:

1) Park farther away when I go to the store. (More steps)
2) Drink 64 oz of water (no diet soda)
3) Exercise 30 mins a day, and beat my goal for the PAW challenge for the month


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CW: 361 (-31)
IGW: 342
GW: 208
PAW challenge 760/600

MACRELMAR - 12:51AM UTC, Oct 24th 2012 View users public diary

Hello ladies, hope you had a good day! I struggled with emotions today. Frustration mostly. Last night I didn't take time to do my meal plan for today. So I woke up and felt kind of lost, especially since I was busy right off the bat. I finally ate breakfast and after fixing a late lunch I planned the rest of my day and logged all my food. It just felt sloppy and I can't afford that right now. Anyway...

My goal for exercise is to get 30 minutes of cardio in 5 days a week with strength training three days. I'm just starting with the exercise and I fight it so. Makes no sense since I always feel better afterwards. Toni when I read your post today I thought, she made it sound so easy, she made the choice to do it, she went for it and whala, it was done. I thought to myself, why can't I make it that simple, just do it! So, you inspired me....

Suzanne, how'd you do with your water today?

I'm on the road tomorrow, I have to drive to Naples, about an hour an a half from here. Then i have a Meeting tomorrow night.

I'm in Sarasota Florida. Where are you guys located? (If you want to share)

Goodnight, I'll check in tomorrow when I can

TMOORE1 - 5:51PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2012


Maryellen, what are you doing and/or thinking about doing for exercise?

Good job on planning your meals, Suzanne. I'm really bad about that.


"I can do it. I will do it."

TMOORE1 - 5:50PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2012


Arg, I let yesterday slip away from me, but I'm already good today.

Got up early, had and extra 1/2 hour or so. Was almost out the door to sit in the hot-tub (it's so beautiful in the mornings this time of year) but then I thought, "No! Exercise instead." So I jumped on my bike and did a quick loop around the park.

30 minutes, at a good clip. There! Exercise done for the day.


"I can do it. I will do it."

TICINO - 2:25PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2012

Sacramento, California Area

I'm liking the focus of both of your weekly goals!! Way to go!

I didn't do as well as I had hoped yesterday, but today I'm off to a better start. At least I have my meals planned for the most part, which is way better than yesterday!

Go forth and conquer!!


SW = 323.2 as of April 23, 2012
CW = 311.6
GW = 160

"It's your REACTION to ADVERSITY, not the adversity itself, that DETERMINES how your LIFE's STORY will develop." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

MACRELMAR - 1:58AM UTC, Oct 23rd 2012 View users public diary

Ok, my three goals are:
1. Preplanning my meals and logging them for the following day.
2. Increasing my water intake every day
3. Getting my workouts in 5 days (I'm just starting to workout so this is a new habit I must get into)

TMOORE1 - 11:23PM UTC, Oct 22nd 2012


My three goals for this week:

1) Exercise every day
2) Exercise every day
3) Exercise every day.

For me, it all seems to hinge on getting the exercise in. Not that it, alone, burns zillions o' calories. It's just that if I can get that one thing done, everything else seems to come into line. When I skip the exercise, everything seems to come unglued.


"I can do it. I will do it."