Weekly Thread for week of 11/26/12

TICINO - 5:01PM UTC, Nov 26th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

Welcome to anyone who wants to join our weekly goal support group. All are welcome!

Wow! Maja - I just read your posts from last week!! OK, you definitely win the prize. Not only because of the house fire, but because you were just stellar in your non-use of comfort foods during such a stressful moment!

I however need to do a better job at following your example. My stress level has been running quite high for months with this business expansion I am in the middle of, but the end is in sight. Between waiting for the realtor and landlord to get back to me about a proposal I made on an office space and the holiday week, I didn't pay much attention to what I was eating. Well, that's not exactly correct. I paid attention, but just didn't do much to manage it with everything else I was juggling. As a result, I gained 8 lbs back!! As bad as that sounds, it was really put on over a 2-3 week period, and it's much less than I was anticipating, so I guess that's the positive spin on things. I still haven't given up and will continue to do better.

Much of the stress stuff is outside of my control, or I should say the things that I am stressing about are outside of my control, but I am in charge of how much energy I want to waste stressing about things that I can't control. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, but I do feel a time crunch so that's what is keeping it flowing higher than I would like it to be. If the time deadlines just effected me I probably wouldn't be as stressed but it effects a few other people if the dead line isn't made, and those effects are pretty significant for these other people, so I feel the responsibility to get things fixed pronto.

My 3 health goals for the week are my basics:
1. Try to get to bed early as I have been having to get up really early in the mornings
2. Drink my water to help keep me full and hydrated
3. Watch portion sizes. - Not sure about you, but when the holidays come, my portion sizes seem to grow and I end up very stuffed at the end of the day.

I hope everyong survived their holiday week and can get themselves back on track the next few weeks before we hit the next holiday adventures!


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PATRIOTICGIRL - 6:44PM UTC, Nov 29th 2012


I'm dealing with a foot injury that is preventing me from going to my usual water aerobics, yoga, and zumba classes. I'm determined to go to the gym at least 3xs a week to use the arm bike and do the upper body weights in the weight circuit. I'm just so afraid that if I stop going to the gym completely, I won't be able to get back in the habit of going when my foot is better. Hopefully this will just be fore a few weeks and I'll be back to my other classes in no time!


Slow and steady wins the race!!

The future you thanks you for the effort!! (Borrowed from Yorkville)

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