Weekly Thread for week of 11/5/12

TICINO - 3:16PM UTC, Nov 5th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

Happy November!! Can't believe it's already here. I don't have much to report on myself other than I am still running faster (with work than I am on the tread mill!!) than I should or would like to be. Now my body is getting to fight off a cold or something. I will lay low and push the fluids, so maybe that will help my cause!

No worries about getting off track, it's about making sure we get back on track that's the important part. People who are thin and healthy have the ability that if they over indulge one day, they turn around the next day and balance things out. We need to try and do the same thing without all the guilt that we somehow attache to it!

My 3 health goals for the week:
1. Get my body better - over virus/cold
2. Continue to work on getting to bed by 10:00pm
3. Drink lots of fluids!

What are your goals?

SW = 323.2 as of April 23, 2012
CW = 311.6
GW = 160

"It's your REACTION to ADVERSITY, not the adversity itself, that DETERMINES how your LIFE's STORY will develop." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

MAJA_MIKKELS - 1:13AM UTC, Nov 12th 2012


Hi Suz, hi all,

I would really like to join this group. I became a member probably two years ago but never really committed to the program. Now three weeks ago, I decided to give it another try.

Somehow, I seem to be in a better frame of mind and things have been going pretty well: without majorly painful changes, I have managed to drop nine pounds in that time, mainly by cutting out sugar and walking the dogs every day... Most of all, my heartburn is gone so I sleep much better than before; several people have commented on that - "you look so rested"! So in other words, the start has been very encouraging.

But, I have also finally accepted that this is a process that will take years and must lead to permanent change. And that it's very hard to do this all by myself. Having some comrades and some fun on the way should be very helpful!

With best wishes,


TICINO - 3:44PM UTC, Nov 6th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

Hi Toni -

Don't give up. Set goals that are reasonable. Take what you are already doing that's good and just kick it up a notch and hang there until that becomes the new habit. Try not to do too many new things at once. Pick an area and just work on and make that your focus until you get it better mastered. While you are doing that, then just "do your best" with the other areas.

I am trying to look at this better health journey as something that if I am going to be successful I need to build my foundation by putting in each piece and securing it so that it becomes a part of me, not just something I do quickly to get quick results.

I have come to know there are reasons why my poor eating, sleeping, & exercise habits have developed. For me it was often connected to my emotions. Food became a comforting, self-soothing thing - my drug of choice is one way you could look at it. At the same time I have kept my life running pretty fast with good things of responsibility, gaining an education, etc. Those things, even though they are good things, they can take over your world if you're not looking -- I wasn't looking. People become to depend on you and can pressure you with guilt etc. to keep going for their benefit (not much thought as to your health and well-being) and then it makes it even more challenging to be able to slow down.

For me I have run and run, with the hope that things will eventually slow down on their own, but that hasn't happened. I am grateful for the things I have accomplished in my life, but my life has run me more than I have run it. I will be 50 yr. old next August, and I have hit that level of understanding that I need to be the one to put on the brakes and change things up, otherwise I won't be able to get off this fast paced road.

This fast paced road has allowed me to sacrifice my own self, emotional, physical and mental well-being. That's just not OK for me anymore. For me, my health goals right now are just the basics. I am in the process of making some serious changes with my job, and even though things are hectic in this process of change, they are changing for the better. For me its about having those health goals to help me to remember what I am shooting for, and to be more mindful and get them in as often as I can and not let it sit on the wayside. I have let things sit for too long and I now have a longer journey and many more pounds to lose because I haven't given those goals much thought. So, some days just by being mindful has prevented or decreased a binge or avoidance of good things (like walking a couple of laps around the floor at work), which was better than if I didn't care at all and ate the whole gallon of ice cream or sat at my desk for hours upon end caught up in paperwork.

So, please don't give up on yourself. Start to look at making those changes on the inside 1st (for me it was putting my attitude about myself in check and recognizing that my emotions are actually trying to help me recognize when things aren't going well, instead of making me feel bad so I go eat chocolate - I'm learning to recognize the real problem not just reacting to it) and then the outside will eventually show the results of taking your life back and not allowing food and emotions run your life. For me it is getting a better management of my time and my emotions/stress, and learning to really listen to my feelings instead of ignoring or being reactive. It is learning to not sweat the small things and keep my eye on the bigger picture.

Hang in there and keep going forward!

SW = 323.2 as of April 23, 2012
CW = 311.6
GW = 160

"It's your REACTION to ADVERSITY, not the adversity itself, that DETERMINES how your LIFE's STORY will develop." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

TMOORE1 - 7:19PM UTC, Nov 5th 2012


I imploded last week. Again.

<picking myself up> I'm not sure this setting goals thing is helping me. I keep setting goals, and then not hitting them. :-(

Okay, try again.

1) Log in!!!!!! to Calorie King
2) Don't overeat. Hit that calorie goal every day.
3) exercise. something. everyday.

I've done this before. I just need to turn it on again.


"I can do it. I will do it."