Would love an accountability partner

SMITHPY - 2:27PM UTC, May 21st 2010

Just started actively logging my food and exercise this week. Committed to losing 100 pounds! Would love someone to help push me through the hard times of temptation. Good luck everyone.


JASON_SIDEL - 4:35PM UTC, Jul 9th 2010

Draper, Utah

I am just out of the chute, too. Any help pushing me to weights I haven't seen in 14 years would be great.

SMITHPY - 7:42PM UTC, Jul 5th 2010


What I scary experience. I hope that you are doing better now. I think we all know someone, if not ourself, who is effected by poor health. Could use all the accountability I can get. Best of luck on your journey.

SMITHPY - 7:41PM UTC, Jul 5th 2010

Sorry for just now responding. I've been MIA on my weight loss program. Looking forward to getting to know you. Good luck with your food today.

ECONGIRL23 - 4:55PM UTC, Jun 3rd 2010

Hello! Hope you both are doing well! When I restarted CK in March I had about 113 pounds to loose. I would love to chat with both of you! I tried CK a while back and then sort of fizzled, I thnk having that extra connection will help.

CATHYMARROW - 1:34AM UTC, May 26th 2010

I have been working at logging food since January. Two weeks ago I had a "chest pain" scare which landed me in the hospital. I have since committed myself to improving my health and increasing my exercise, especially since I know that my heart is very healthy. I would also like to have someone to chat with and help me stay accountable.