breakfast thins

VNEISWONGER - 2:33PM UTC, Jul 17th 2012

Clarion, PA

I have really been trying to add different low carb and healthy items as well as more fruit and vegetables to my diet. AND I really need to stay away from buffets and the Wedneday night special on wings. I found this great recipe for Apple Cole Slaw in the Diabetic Living magazine. It has 22 carbs per 1 cup. i also found these nice little Breakfast thins from Thomas' (like the english muffins), they also only have 22 carbs and 100 calories. They are pretty tasty. Also on my hunt for for low carb goodies I found these pita poket things from Arnolds at Walmart. They are a whole peice of flatbread type that is perforated so you can tear them easily. I really like the italian herb one. Again only 22 carbs . I seem to have luck with the 22 carb items and they work foir me. Ive lost 30 pounds in 2 months so something is working. :smile1: Vicki the bookwitch

DGARDNER61 - 6:10PM UTC, Jul 18th 2012

Katy, TX

I've had those Thomas breakfast thins toasted with peanut butter and some fruit only jam - it's really good - you don't mind it being thin - when toasted it gets nice and crunchy! Wow! Great weight loss- way to go!:clap:


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