hi all

JENSSTOVETOP - 1:52AM UTC, Sep 14th 2008

I'm a 37 yrs old .I ve lost 25 pounds so far 100 more to go .:)Ive been following Weight Watchers,but Its ok ,but I feel like something is missing .I guess its because I don't go to the meetings.I don't have any

friends to walk or stay on the plan with .Ive been a lone ranger for over a year.Its gets lonely when your on a diet .

Weight training is my favorite exercise .


MISSMONZY - 4:17PM UTC, Feb 15th 2009 View users public blog

Concord, CA

You have to actually get closer the goal of 2100 calories, not just be way under it. Your body thinks it is starving and is hoarding all your fat in response. It seems like a strange concept, I know, but that's part of the key. It's about changing what you used to think was correct and incorrect. If you get closer to your calorie goal without going over then you should start losing more weight. Also don't discount that inches lost is also a great thing! Good luck to you and keep up the good work!

Monica :wave1:

EAGLE32860 - 11:06PM UTC, Feb 9th 2009 View users public blog View users public diary

Great Start I too use weight training for exercise but I'm having trouble losing weight you would think I could do better at 419 pound and a 2100 calorie a day limit before exercise calories after exercise I'm around 1500 calories yet I can't lose more than a half a pound a week???

SENGA123 - 5:23PM UTC, Sep 22nd 2008

Wow, excellent job so far. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. I just joined CK today myself but I long to see results as I slowly learn what works for me. Nice to meet you and way to go with your results!!!