hi i am new

LCONANT - 12:58PM UTC, Feb 12th 2009

St Petersburg, FL

can i join your group? i just joined today and would appreciate any support and help i can get and would love to share any things i learn along with way with you as well.

EMMASGRAMMA - 7:42PM UTC, Mar 15th 2009

I just joined as well....need to lose about 150 pounds...how hard is it ? Seems almost impossible some days, but I am committed. If I don't lose it, I am going to find myself in a wheel chair within 5 years...wanna partner up ?

EMMASGRAMMA - 7:40PM UTC, Mar 15th 2009

I just joined and so had just seen that place .
go to .....
resources and tools
interactive tools
exercise times

COLEENG - 10:28PM UTC, Mar 7th 2009

Hi. This is a good group for me. I was in another thread but people stopped posting. I have a question.....does anyone know how to find the section on CK where you can put in minutes of exercise you have done but it shows the different exercises to choose from and how much you burn off? I have contacted Support but gotten no answer. I know it is in there because I have used it before. Thanks, Colene.:queen:

ANGELES - 11:46PM UTC, Mar 2nd 2009 View users public blog View users public diary

Pembroke Pines

Hi Monica and Linda::wave1:

I just joined on 2-27-09 and would really like to have someone to talk to about the unique challenges we face when trying to lose 100+ lbs. I have blown it three days out of the five I have been on CK, but feel that I must persevere.

What has been your experience?

LCONANT - 1:14AM UTC, Feb 16th 2009

St Petersburg, FL

Hi Monica

My name is Linda, I just joined last week and could not remember where I did the post until tonight. I have not heard from anybody either...that is until you...I would love to be your support buddie. Hope to hear from you soon.

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MISSMONZY - 4:12PM UTC, Feb 15th 2009 View users public blog

Concord, CA

Hi .. I'm part of the group 100+ group too. I haven't been able to get anyone to answer me there! So maybe we can answer each other ;)

My name is Monica and I have been on here since May '08 but I wasn't really keeping up with it until last month. Since I've been on here I have lost 25 lbs, 12 of it in the last month and a half. If you read my blog, I'm taking a virtual walking trip and it has helped me soooooo much!

Good luck to you and keep in touch!!!

Monica :wave1: