hug from the doctor

VNEISWONGER - 9:12PM UTC, Sep 19th 2012

Clarion, PA

Went into see my diabetes doctor today to go over my A1C levels. He was so happy that he hugged me and fist bumped me. If you would see him you would understand why I was shocked. My A1C level has been bouncing. It went up tp 8.0 about 6 months ago , then down to 7.0, @3 months ago and now it is 6.7. My BP was 124/80 AND Im at my lowest weight. I thought for a minute that he was going to kiss me he was so happy. Im good to go till December.He di change my insulin. I was taking 28 units of Lantus, he changed me to Levemir. Hesaid that this will help me lose weight easier, than with the Lantus. I also started taking GREEN COFFEE BEAN, pure extract. Did quite a bit of research on this product.
I first heard about it on Dr Oz show and then was seeing it everywhere so I thought Id look into it. It is supposed to have several good qualities. One being weight loss, another tohelp lower blood glucose levels and lower high blood pressure . Ive taken @ 10 dys worth and I dont know forsure that it is working, but I dont know that it isnt. The first bottle I got at Walmart. This next bottle I got at GNC, AND they have a garuntee on all their products. If you dont like it or dont think it worked, take the product back WITH your sales reciept and they should give you your money back.
So that was the highlight of my day. ANd my husband will be glad that I got out of Walmart spending only 24$ I also am AMAZED. Vicki the bookwitch

TICINO - 5:22PM UTC, Sep 20th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

Good for all of you!! Wow!! That just goes to show us all that even our little efforts have great rewards! What great incentives and motivations!! I too am doing the dance of joy for you (and maybe I will burn up a few calories in the process =D)


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VNEISWONGER - 3:15PM UTC, Sep 20th 2012

Clarion, PA

Thanks and GREAT JOB YOU!!!! Keep up the good work.
I dont quite understand how a person can be pre-diabetic, does that mean that we are all pre-alcoholics(no offense to anyone that just came to me head). My mother was also diabetic and also passed away from a asthma induced heart attack. As far as I know there wasnt anyone else in her family that was diabetic. My grandfather on my dads side was diabetic and 3 out of 4 sisters are diabetic, but my dad is not. Was your mother overweight?Mine was,but not to the point that she was obese. Mom wouldnt leave the snacks alone. She always had a bag of corn chips beside her chair and my dad was always terlling her she shouldnt be eating that stuff but she did anyways and she didnt watch what other stuff she ate either. I dont think she really understood the consequences. Well I learned from her mistakes. I dont even buy chips and stuff. I do haver hershey bars in the freezer for an occasional chocolate fix, but Im proud to say that Ive had them for 2-3 months and have only eaten 2. My thing now is Planters peanut butter, they have 3 kinds Banana granola nut, cinnamon raisin granola nut, and berry mix. I eat that by the spoonfuls for my snack. Love that stuff.
Well closing out ,gotta get busy.
Vicki the bookwitch

BRIANMCD - 1:05PM UTC, Sep 20th 2012

Indianapolis, IN


That is great! I’m not diabetic yet, but my dietitian said I was pre diabetic. That scared me, because my mother was diabetic, had heart disease, and thyroid problems. She had passed away about 3 years ago from heart valve problems at age 62. I have been with CK for about 2 weeks now and have lost 16 lbs. Cannot wait to see my doctor on Monday to see her reaction. So congratulation to your win Vicki (BIG FIST BUMP FROM ME!):thumbu2:


TOOTSIE45 - 11:08AM UTC, Sep 20th 2012

Long Island, NY

Wow Vicki, that is great news! I am doing the happy dance with you. As a diabetic too, I realize how important it is to see these numbers come down, our lives depend on getting them in the normal range.
I heard about the Green Bean coffe extract too, let us know how that works out for you.