hungry girl chocolate 911!!!

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hi all was just wondering if anyone has tried any of the hungry girl chocolate recipes?? :n: that's my biggest weaknes....chocolate!! lol!!! i got the recipes & even went out & got the diet hot cocoa mix but have been 2 bze 2 try them yet?? :bang: i just love that show if anyone other than myself & amanda has seen it or her website?? i have learned some very valuable substitutes for some of the high calories foods i love!! :eyebrows: check it out at & let me kno if u try something as i have only had the time to try a few but have been very pleasantly surprised....even at some of the recipes i sd no way to. :nono2: after trying a couple i love & use them regularly!! A MUST FOR ANYONE WHO LIKE ME IS ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! :laugh5: have a beautiful day & here's hoping that 2day we all make good food choices!! :love: peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!

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that stinks! i have yet to get to the chocolate recipes but hope to try one this w/e since i have 3 days off!!! whooo hoooo!!!! hope u have a gr8 day!! xoxo

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Hey Nancey!! I haven't tried the Chocolate recipes yet but wanted to let you know that I have yet to find the Shiratake noodles. :sad3: I'll keep looking though. Living in a rural area sucks when it comes to specialty products like this.


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