hungry girl!!

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i just wanted to share a show i saw on.......u got it tv!!! lol!!! it's called hungry girl! this lady shows people to substitute similar foods for the foods we love!! pizza was the first show i caught & it was very interesting!! last nite my baby made some of the pizza's she made on the show & they were surprisingly good!!! it's a show where they make similar foods to the foods people love without all the calories!!!! what better idea cd they come up with!!! i'm excited to c the next show!!! when i was watching & she was using whole wheat tortilla's for the crust (my fav part of a pizza) i thought that is not enuff crust for me however surprisingly enuff they were very satisfying!!! they r only 200 cals a piece & i couldn't finish 2 with my salad!!!! u really must check her out!!!! i hope everyone out there has an amazing day!!! peace to u & urz till nxt time!! :wave1: nancey

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ty for the web addrress to go & get email & i will b heading there from here!! lol!! i'v seen a few more shows since my first post as wit u ahowler i'm a tivo nut & she has done some awesome things with chips & more!! i really like that girl!! i'm a hungry girl & am always looking for ways to eat & eat without all the cals!! lol!!! don't kno if anyone knows the joys of laughing cow lite cheese wedges but they are amazing!!! xoxo hope u r all well & enjoying ur successes!! xoxo

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:wave1:If you go to you can sign up to get her emails, they are GREAT and always wonderful low cal, low fat ideas! Her recipe books are wonderful too.


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My family loves pizzas made with the low carb/whole wheat tortillas. And they are so easy and quick to make. This is also a great way to use up leftover veggies and meats. My favorite is the barbecue chicken pizza. Just measure everything and calculate your calories. BBQ sauce, grilled shredded chicken breast, fresh mushrooms ( I usually slice and microwave mine a little to get rid of excess water), fresh thinly sliced red onion and reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Just preheat the oven to 400 degrees, spread a little bbq sauce on the tortilla, coat the chicken with a little bbq sauce and add all of the toppings to the pizza. Then cook until brown and bubbly. When you take them out of the oven, slice them into 4 slices each.


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Thanks for sharing this pizza is one of my big downfalls! Fell off the horse last night and stuffed myself with pizza. Not beating my self up about it. I will have to catch this program and set my DVR to record it. Again thanks and best wishes to you.