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GMAPLE - 2:52PM UTC, Dec 23rd 2008

I have been a member off and on for a couple of years.
2 years ago, I had exercised and dieted from 310 to about 235. At that point I herniated a disc, put on a little, maybe 20 pounds, and herniated a second disc. Without being able to exercise like I was, I am now at 277. I now have been diagnosed with depression, I need help sticking to my diet as I can't exercise like before.:help:

SARA2104 - 1:31PM UTC, Dec 31st 2008


Good Morning and Happy New Year!
I am 26 and from Minnesota. I have one five year old daughter. The next couple months are going to be really busy for me as I am starting a new job mid january an agreed to still help my previous employer until they find a replacement so will be working some extra hours. I am going to try very hard to keep being consistant and entering my information. That has been the most helpful and key thing for me is tracking everything I put in my mouth. I haven't been exercising like I should this week, in fact at all really, so after the new year I will have to start up on that again. I have just been tired at night and feeling guilty about spending time with my daughter. I hope you all have a great new years eve!

COLEENG - 6:07AM UTC, Dec 31st 2008

Hi, Ginny. I am 53 with 2 sons and I live in WA state. We can be buddies, for sure. I have to get used to this darn messaging system though. I am an Avon representative so I work from home. It has it's ups and downs but I have met so many nice people through it. I am married. My problem right now is hunger and lack of exercise. I got so pooped out cleaning and decorating that I have been taking it too easy. Then again, the weight I am at, I do not mind starting small on the exercise front. Coleen.

COLEENG - 6:03AM UTC, Dec 31st 2008

Hi, Sara. I am not very good at finding my messages! Yes, I have wanted to walk outside but the weather has been bad for walking. I have a dance pad, not a Wii, but a cheapo thing that I use my own music with to follow their steps. My goal is to do that for ten minutes a day. I will start tomorrow! My teenagers have had friends over and I can't dance in front of them, they would die. I think the calorie count is low enough as I am very hungry. I am eating a salad and fruit every day. Now, where do you live? You are a lot younger than I but that doesn't mean we won't get along just fine. I live in WA state and I am, gulp, 53. Do you have both sons or a son and a daughter? I am married. Coleen.

GINNYGRL - 5:13AM UTC, Dec 31st 2008

Hi. I saw your message. I too just started ck. I have lots to lose. I thought we could be buddies. I am 36 with four children and a stay at home mom. I have three girls 13,8, &2 and one boy age 4. I live in Mississippi. Where are you from?

One day at a time,

SARA2104 - 4:50PM UTC, Dec 30th 2008


Great job on the fitness challenge, I am sure you will hit your goal!

GMAPLE - 3:31PM UTC, Dec 30th 2008

I was able to drop a couple of pounds the last week, for me it is to keep motivated to hit the exercise bike. I can't seem to lose with diet alone. I have a low heart rate and metabolism. It takes a while for my heart rate to get to fat burning level. I also did better within a competition, so I have joined the president fitness challenge. 30 minutes exercise/day, at least 5 days a week. It is tough, I have 2 more days to do the first week and I have until Thursday night.:thumbu2:

SARA2104 - 1:20PM UTC, Dec 30th 2008


Hi colleen. Don't worry about the 2 pounds unless it becomes a daily thing. I notice that I have fluctuated up a pound down two up a pound etc. etc. but overall it will go down. You may want to adjust calorie intake if your activity level is lower. I won't write too much until I know you are able to get this message :) Hope you have a great day.

COLEENG - 6:57AM UTC, Dec 30th 2008

:rolling1:Hi, I started yesterday and they say I have 128 to lose but I would be happy with a 110 lb. loss. I actually gained 2 lbs. yesterday staying at the calorie level!

I am on 1700 calories and can't seem to get to exercising. I weigh 260 lbs. and today I went over my calorie count by 134 calories so I need to get exercising for when I do that.

I was on Weight Watcher's but it took me 13 weeks to lose 10 lbs.

I hope someone replies to me as I don't know how to work these message boards and I am trying to find a group to fit in with. ColeenG.

SARA2104 - 8:17PM UTC, Dec 27th 2008


HI! I am new to this group also. I have about 120 pounds to loose. I have been on Calorie king for a almost a year and haven't been consistent. I am back to my starting weight and am really going to try hard to loose the weight and keep it off this time. I am currently 251 pounds, gal weight around 130. Hope you have a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you.