College Life

SMIELKE25 - 5:13AM UTC, Jan 24th 2011


I'm on the younger end of the 20s spectrum and I'm still in college (and have a couple years left). Does anyone have any advice about eating or exercising in college?

MOLAUFY - 3:36PM UTC, Jul 20th 2011

Minneapolis, MN

I put on 35 lbs or so in college at my Big Ten University; buffet style food, drinking and a relatively sedentary lifestyle really changed my body. In addition, not having a full-length mirror or a scale made it difficult to cage things, especially in cold winters when I was layered in clothing. If I had to do it again, I'd make sure to weigh myself regularly, have a big mirror and account for drinking in my calorie intake, cause it is so killer! I think the idea of scheduling in workouts is a great one, and I always found that more effective if I had a friend or two to tag along. If you can even maintain your weight throughout college, that is a monumental achievement.

All the best and enjoy school :)

SUNSHINE049 - 10:09PM UTC, Mar 4th 2011

Foods I liked:

Baby carrots
Fiber bars
wasabi peas
bananas (don't have to contain or wash them!)

Cheap meals at home:
can of fat free ravioli (but watch the sodium - it has a ton!)
black beans and brown rice
Lean Cuisine personal pizzas (these really helped me avoid the delivery temptation with friends.)
Whole wheat spaghetti and light spaghetti sauce
peanut butter and jelly - with low cal wheat bread, reduced fat peanut butter, and sugar free jam

However, don't be TOO hard on yourself. Have a slice of pizza with friends. Just keep some carrots in your purse, eat a bunch of those, and ONE slice of pizza. :)

The previous exercise suggestions are great. I have one to add. When hanging out with friends on the weekends, find a park and suggest hiking or going out and throwing a frisbee around rather than going to a movie etc. Also, seems like everyone has a wii now... playing games on those with friends where you have to get up can sneak in a calorie burn! Especially the dance games, which are really fun to do with girlfriends!

You can do it!

JODYLIN - 6:44PM UTC, Feb 7th 2011

What I did as far as excersizing was to schedule excersize time almost as if it were another class!! And in fact a lot of the university rec centers offer fitness classes...I took a brutal power-abs class, but was motivated to attend becuase I had paid for the class!
Working out during the week can also help to de-stress from a busy week, execially during midterm and finals. Or if you really have work to get done, if there are any stationay bikes available, it's great to kill 2 birds with one stone by bringing a text book can get a little reading in while working on a killer booty! And the time flies when you're busy reading...before you know it you've biked an hour!

I would also check out the gym's cafeteria or food stands (if yours has them)...if there is a snack area at the gym they will often offer a lot of healther snack and meal alternatives. Just watch out for those high-calorie "juices".

If you're a snacker, pack some healthy snacks to eat during or on the way to class...munching on something, especially snacks high in protein, helped to keep me awake in class too, an added bonus!!

Also, if you attend a larger campus (I went to OSU so I lots of opportunity for this!), take the longer way to class to get a little more walking excersize in.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your classes!