Everyone is eating cake.....I want some too!! :( Help!

CASSIHOLDER - 12:06PM PST, Feb 17th 2010

Austin, TX

I just joined Ck about 1 week ago! Things have gone well so far, but in the next 10 days I have 3 baby showers to go to! Yikes! I know there will be lots of junk...and CAKE! Any ideas or suggestions on how to not give in or overindulge?? Obviously what I have "tried" is not really working for me!!

DARLINGBEE2 - 11:00PM PDT, Jun 8th 2010


I agree with FIRESORCERESS17. Also if you do eat the cake, maybe scrape off some of the icing.

FIRESORCERESS17 - 11:16AM PDT, Apr 22nd 2010

My best advice is to eat right before you leave to go to the shower(s), or if you are helping with the setup, eat right before it starts. If you aren't hungry, it should be easier to resist eating. This worked for me on my first week when we had our quarterly birthday celebration at work. I had to actually cut and serve the cake, which I ordered, and I was really looking forward to it. It was hard, but I made it.

And remember that if you do have a piece, make it a small one (try half the size you would normally get) and that if you are otherwise sticking to your goals, one meal/day where you go a little over isn't going to hurt you....just continue with the program the very next day.

Hope this helps!