Exercise Challenge Week of July 24th

ADRIENNEJ02 - 6:11AM PDT, Jul 26th 2011

Atlanta, GA

Hi all,

Let's reinvigorate some discussion in this group! My exercise challenge this week is to jog for 1 mile at 6.0 and then 25 minutes on the stair climber. Anyone else trying a new workout this week?


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CG: 250

DRACOSMYTH - 6:52AM PDT, Oct 27th 2011

I have been doing about an hour on the elliptical. It kicks my butt. I have signed up for a kickboxing class at a community center near my house that I am looking forward to. Plus side to that: It starts Thanksgiving week and goes to the week after Christmas, so it will help me with hte cravings I always have that time of year.

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CUPPY - 5:18AM PDT, Sep 12th 2011


Well, I've been trying the Aerobics mode on my elliptical, it's pretty tiring, but it makes my arms and legs feel like jello.

DRAGONFRUIT08 - 6:36PM PDT, Aug 1st 2011

I'm trying to learn how to run in general! I'm so bad at running - I get terrible cramps in my side after 5 minutes (even though I can do much more strenuous cardio exercises for much longer). I've been working my way up, started at 6 minutes of 5.0 jogging before my usual workout on other cardio/strength machines. Now I've been able to do 8 minutes at 5.0 without cramping up... I would love to be able to run a couple miles! Does anyone else have this issue with getting bad cramps JUST with running?

I've also been trying to take my bike everywhere instead of driving/taking the bus. Today, going to work, then my boyfriend's house, and then home, I biked about 6.5 miles. :)