Just starting out.... need some helpful advice please!

ERICAVOKES - 6:45AM UTC, May 25th 2011

Hey everyone! I am new to Calorie King (as a member... tried the Alli diet and used CK as my nutritional advice!). It has been almost two weeks and I have really tried to eat healthier foods. I feel really guilty if I have anything that I'm "not supposed to". My calorie target is 1400, and I have been coming in very under. I have read that you do not want to do that and it can be counter-productive for weight loss. I just want to lose weight and do it the right way, so eventually I do not have to count calories anymore because I have already developed a healthier lifestyle! (Hopefully, one day I will be there.) I am so afraid of not losing the weight and giving up. Or starting to lose and then stop losing (this has happened every time!).
Just wanted to ask some of you for some helpful advice or any tips that have helped/ are helping you lose the weight! Thanks in advance for the tips!

P.S. What do all the abbreviations mean? HW? GW (Goal weight?) SW?

Erica :help:

DRACOSMYTH - 1:54PM UTC, Oct 27th 2011

Hope you are doing better as it's been several months since you posted. I find when I am way under my calorie target, that eating a healthy but calorie dense snack helps. (Apple with peanut butter, nuts, etc).