My intermediate goal is your heaviest weight!

JODYLIN - 3:43PM UTC, Jan 21st 2011

After reading many of the posts in this group I found myself a little discouraged...many were writing about how aweful and hard it was being 160 lbs, and here I find myself wishing I were 160 again!
I dont mean to dimish the hard work of those who did go from 160 back down to 130 or 120...that's still some serious weight loss and you should be high-fived for your hard work and accomplishment!!

But is there anyone out there in the same boat as I am!?

CEEKAY - 12:10AM UTC, Jan 27th 2011 View users public diary

November Fury!!

Hey Jody!
Yeah, hun I totally understand- I'm currently 189, and my IGW is 160 exactly....!
theres lots of us out there, and we're all in this together.
keep on keeping on!

SMIELKE25 - 5:07AM UTC, Jan 24th 2011


I'm in with you... I'm wishing for about 165. ]I have a ways to go before I reach my goal.

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