New and looking for some help

BELUGA - 1:40PM UTC, Oct 30th 2010

Peterborough, Canada

Hi! I'm Jen and I just started yesterday. I'm 24 and, my goal is to be 145 for now, but I wouldnt mind reassessing that once I'm there. My problem is with excersize I wouldnt mind going to a walk or hike but the problem the weather. I live up north, we've already gotten snow (I know! I know!) and this small town doesn't have much to offer as far as a gym goes. I'm stuck in this town for another 4 weeks (been here 4 months). Can you think of anything I could do where I'm boarding? Today doesnt seem too bad outside I might attempt a walk to the grocery store which will be 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back but its going to be unbearable weather soon.
Any advice will help!

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MISTERGODFATHER - 4:59PM UTC, Oct 31st 2010

St. Paul, MN

And I thought I had it bad living in Minnesota=D. If you are looking for a good workout for the winter time you should really look into cross country skiing. We experience winter 4 months out of the year, so finding a way to workout in the winter is invaluable. The initial cost of equipment is kinda steep, but I can honestly say that you will get the best cardio workout of your life. After about a month of doing cross country 4 times a week, your legs will feel like locomotives. Here is just one thing I found about it,
Welcome to Ck.