Omg I don't even know what 2000 looks like

PHEONIX2012 - 11:48PM UTC, Aug 10th 2012


Hello everyone I am new member to ck....and I honestly need help. I am at the end of my ropes here.I heard that this was a great place to start....I hope to find a support system on here that can help me out with the beginning of a new lifestyle and the killing of my old one. Well first off I am not sure what 2000 calories looks like as that is my daily target. If anyone is out there that can help...or in the Chicagoland area....please I could really use a strong support system as I don't want to go another day loathing myself, or replaying then past when I use to be slim and never enjoying the life that is!!!!


MVESTER24 - 6:05PM UTC, Jan 28th 2013


Hope everything is going okay! I try to eat about the same thing everyday so that i don't lose track of how many calories are in everything i eat. once i have things memorized i'm sure i'll be able to change up everything. There are tons of great frozen meals out there and every morning i just pack a lunch box with frozen foods and low calorie yogurts and have my meals planned out for the entire day. that way i'm not tempted to grab things that don't have the calories listed on the packages. in the morning i will measure out my creamer for my coffee and just make myself accountable for everything.

MORGANAPOPE - 2:43PM UTC, Sep 13th 2012

Hi Pheonix! How are things going so far?

It's really great that you have put together a meal plan! I have found them to be really helpful and its easier to make the calorie goal because I already know what I am eating. The only thing I have to be careful of is not planning enough to eat = I get hungry :'(. I don't know if you have this issue, but I have found that giving myself a little wiggle room (~100cal) is helpful. I just keep one of those 100cal packs (usually something involving chocolate =D) on hand to eat "in case of emergency" and hold me off until my next meal. This way, I don't eat something bad because I was (a) hungry and (b) didn't have a better alternative. AND, I don't fell guilty because I had already planned for it. I have also found it helpful to pre-package everything (or nearly everything) into the appropriate portions on Sunday so in the morning I can just grab and go.

Breakfast is tough for me too! I have every intention of making breakfast in the morning, but I am usally in a hurry so breakfast doesn't get made = I just grab something. I usually keep Jimmy Dean (or D-light) breakfast sandwiches on hand. I actually started writing my meal plans with them as breakfast 'cause that was what I ate anyway. This week I am trying out a new breakfast idea: fruit and greek yogurt. I pre-portioned out the watermelon so it is a grab n' go breakfast!

Something you might want to research is calorie equivalents. I realized one day that 1 can of Coke (150 cal) is the roughly the same calories as a snack bag of Doritos (140) or a whole bag of frozen broccoli (~140). As silly as it sounds, I had this moment of " hungry am I???" It also helps with the meal plans each week - you can swap out things (veggie A for fruit B, etc) pretty quickly, if needed. Saved my tail when I got to the store and they didn't have the fruit I had planned on for the week!

I don't think I said it earlier, but Welcome to CK! I just came back to CK myself after a 2-yr hiatus. I, too, can use all the advice and support I can get!!! My support group is pretty much nil!

We can and are going to do this! One day, one step, one pound at a time.


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LIZW84 - 8:53AM UTC, Aug 28th 2012


Hey Pheonix! How is it working for ya? Hope all is going great with you :-)


PHEONIX2012 - 5:14AM UTC, Aug 13th 2012


well I did some research and read labels this weekend to see what 2000 calories was actually made up of . I planned a meal schedule and I am going to stick with it. The goal is to get through the first week and be strong. The next obstacle from here is waking up in the morning with enough time to prepare breakfast. Its time I started making life worth enjoying and stop wawsting energy on just dreaming about it. Please please feel free to leave a port with comments, advice...really anything. I could use all the support there is. ...and the time is NOW...
...nite nite