AFI - 4:18AM UTC, Sep 14th 2010

From London to Scottsdale, AZ

I've been at a plateau for quite some time now so i changed up my exercise routine thinking that was the cause. I then lost 2 lbs (making it a 30lbs weight loss) which felt fantastic but now i am back to that plateau again!

So i started to ask myself some questions & did some deep soul searching & have come to the conclusion " i am a weekend binge eater!!"

I work sooo hard during the week with different exercise routines & save my carbs for dinner but as soon as Friday comes around the corner- my body releases this toxin that says "it's time to eat freely!" From red wine drinking to snacks to carb overload i just consume & consume telling myself its the weekend-i'm allowed!
On Monday at my weigh in- i find that i'm exactly the same weight i was the previous week! Why am i surprised i don't know?
This is so wrong and i must stop myself before this weekend comes around the corner again:bang:

I feel like i lose weight during the week & gain it back on the weekend! If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know??

Peace & love, Afi:love:


CKSW: 193
GW: 140

JODYLIN - 3:57PM UTC, Jan 21st 2011

I can definitely relate! The weekends are extra challenging because there are so many more temptations to resist!! Especially after a hard and disciplined work week, nothing sounds better than indulging and being care-free!
I spend the weekend with my boyfriend, who is one of those lucky people who can eat whatever, whenever, and to no end...and still never gain a pound. The yummy food and drinks around him are very difficult to resist! And a night out on the town ALWAYS gets me in trouble with the calorie counter!
I find planning the day's calories a head of time helps...If I know I'm going out later, I'll make sure to schedule a light breakfast and lunch ahead of time so when meal time comes around I can just follow the plan instead of losing track of the day's calories!

I know it's been a while since you've posted this, so I'm hoping you've had some success with your weekend habits! Keep up the good work!

OLYMPE - 8:12AM UTC, Jan 8th 2011

San Francisco

Aw, I used to do just the same when I was at the dorm... but with eating disorders:
I was acting anorexic all week, having oatmeal for breakfast, a lolipop for lunch, and a spring roll for dinner (400 cal per day). I would loose 3 pounds during the week!
And then, on the weekends I would go home to my family, and this was very stressful becaus I have a big family. I would just eat and eat everything that they had in the fridge and the pantry: cereals, cookies, ice cream, chocolate (5000 cal per day). I would make myself sick!! And off course I would gain all the weight back.

It's great that you became aware that you're doing this you sound like you're just playing with one pound each week instead of 3.
Weekends are hard because you have more time on your hands, so more time to get bored.

I'd recommend to overbook your weekends. Don't stay at home. Plan shopping, museums, movies, a bit of exercise, sunbathing if the weather allows...
It's easy not to eat if you stay busy.

My problem was that I had absolutely nothing to do when I came home on weekends as my family lives in the country.

JUSTMARRIED10 - 11:34PM UTC, Nov 18th 2010


I always at least try to start my weekend mornings off right, with a run or a good workout. Then I try to log what I eat. Remember-weekend days are regular old days too! Your body's metabolism doesn't know the difference between Fri/Sat/Sun and M,T,W,Th!

CESTAPLE - 7:24PM UTC, Nov 9th 2010


I'm a couple months behind reading this, but I'm going through that same issue right now with the weekend eating! I feel like it is pretty easy to stay on track during the work week, especially when my boyfriend's work takes him out of town and I get to focus on me. But then when i comes home on the weekends, the beer, wine and junk food looks scarily attractive! Did you find anything that helped you stay strong on the weekends?

CARAMEL_BEAUTY - 2:31AM UTC, Sep 25th 2010


Now that you know the problem you just have to ignore the fact that its the weekend and focus on the weigh in monday. Just remember how bad you want to lose the weight and how tomorrow is a new day. I always tell myself that I will cheat the next day which tricks my mind into looking forward to the next day and not giving much thought to today. Good luck!