Take Two

FIRESORCERESS17 - 5:58PM UTC, Apr 22nd 2010

Started up on the CK Program again. I actually joined the CK Program on Black Friday and stuck with it until Christmas/New Year and then.....well....you can guess what happened. :bang:

Anyway, I started up again a couple of weeks ago. I've been exercising every morning (except this one) and I have made my Calories Target all week, so I should have a good weign in this week. Fingers Crossed.

I started doing yoga along with running on the treadmill. Never thought I would, but what do you know. AND, I bought one of those EMS exercise belts. I hope it works 'cause I hate doing crunches (they aggrievate my back). I will keep you'll posted on whether it actually works or not.

I know that I am not a "newbie", but since its been a while, I thought I would say 'Hi' to everyone! :wave1:


DARLINGBEE2 - 6:01AM UTC, Jun 9th 2010


Hi! I'm new-ish too! I'm really excited to start using CK again.