The Weekends Are Going to be My Biggest Struggled

BRIDETOBE2011 - 6:22PM UTC, May 3rd 2010

Hi Everyone,

I've bee a CK member for one week tomorrow and my first week in, I'm realizing that the weekends are going to be my biggest obstacle along this weight loss journey! My fiance & I love to have a few cocktails on the weekends to relax, and they add up so fast! I don't want to give up drinking alcohol as we really do enjoy relaxing and having a beer or cocktail--however it blows my calories out of the park. I realize that I need to eat much better if I want to drink, but that's much easier said than done.

Does anyone else in this 20something group have this same problem? If so--I need advice!!!!!

~Bride To Be ON A MISSION!

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LAM29 - 4:08PM UTC, Aug 3rd 2010


I'm a newbie too! And I have the very same problem as you. I do so well throughout the week, because I'm at work and can pack a healthy lunch, etc, etc. On the weekend, every meal is with my boyfriend... so I don't eat nearly as healthy. I'm also a big beer drinker. What I've been noticing is that I lose a few pounds during the week, then gain a couple back just over the weekend.

It is very frustrating!

Something's gotta give I guess...

SMARKOV01 - 3:39AM UTC, Jun 24th 2010


I do really well during the weeks too and this includes for the last six weeks (two hours of cardio and an hour of weight lifting with a trainer) a day even on weekends. However, I noticed I wasn't losing weight the first three weeks. The only explanation I had was that on the weekends I would blow it all on drinks at the bar. So I had to just STOP going out to the bar. I had one friend even end a friendship with me over my refusal to go out drinking - that's freindship for you!

I still go out to the movies, concerts, or to restaurants but I make sure to drink a shake (muscle milk light or myoplex light) as meal replacements prior to the dinner. I also ensure that I do at least an hour of cardio on restaurant nights. Then when I get to the restuarant I make sure to order the healthiest entree say Halibut or sea bass with a side of spinach. I've finally noticed some results since banishing the drinking from my diet. Do not despair though - this is temporary prohibition until I reach a more reasonable weight. Additionally, I just read in people mag that the actor who plays Sam Merlotte on True Blood does not drink at all during the filming season (and he's owns a bar on set). If he can do it - and he looks truly amazing - so can I (or at least I can try)!.

LARISSAVIALL - 3:42PM UTC, Jun 21st 2010 View users public diary

Ellicott City, MD

This is a HUGE problem for me too! I stick to a really strict diet during the week and it's no problem, and then the weekend hits and everyone wants to go out to eat!!

I'm trying out a method to counteract this, and it's only been a few days so I'll have to see if it really works. I burn anywhere from 400-800 calories 5-7 days a week working out, but I've decided not to eat any of those calories back. I'm going to see if they'll balance out with the dinners out on the I said, I'll need to give it a bit of time to see if it works, but fingers crossed!!

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DARLINGBEE2 - 5:53AM UTC, Jun 9th 2010


Well I don't drink, but! Say I want juice with my sandwich, I'll take off the mayo or sauce [which can be really high in calories!]. Does that make sense?

AFI - 5:14PM UTC, Jun 1st 2010

From London to Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome to CK Bee!! :wave1:
Everyone can agree with the same issue your facing as we've all been there!!
I would say try to stick to wine when you go out to drink as there's less calories involved if you can! If your drink of choice absolutely has to involve cocktails then vodka or pure spirit cocktails are the best as again less calorie content- watch out for those fruit juices though as the more ingredients the more calories!!
The weekend is always the hardest for me- its like there's an automatic switch in my brain that goes off telling me to reward myself or just let go-its the weekend- you've worked so hard during the week! Before i know it i've consume double the calories without paying close attention to my food intake!! arrghh :nono5:
Good luck!! :wink3::thumbu2:

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KKOSTER - 5:05PM UTC, May 24th 2010


So this weekend I skipped the side with my steak to have an extra glass of wine except for it turned into 4 extra glasses of wine. but I drank a lot of water and didn't eat when I got home (I usually would eat before going to bed to help prevent the hangover) so in the long run of things...I did better than I USUALLY do.

KKOSTER - 4:50PM UTC, May 20th 2010


ME TOO. during the week it's a piece of cake. HA. as soon as 4:00 hits and I'm out of work, it turns ridiculous. I am going to try what KOBEE does and hit it hard on Saturday morning and make sure and work out friday after work as well. Already have plans to hit the pool on the way home from work. Let's band together.

KOBEE - 1:56AM UTC, May 10th 2010


I have this same problem! I save really big workouts for Saturday morning to help give me a bunch of extra calories to work with.


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