What am i doing wrong?? :(

JCRAMB - 3:02PM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010

i have been at this for 8 weeks now; eating 1200 cals a day; working out at least 2 hours a week of moderate/extreme exercise (i dance at a studio).
I'm no longer skipping meals when I feel like "i could".
I am eating healthy snacks after exercise.
Drinking 6 glasses of water a day.
using my diary for everything i consume..........AND YET i have only lost weight 4 out of 7 weigh-ins.
Very discouraging. :'(

CARAMEL_BEAUTY - 2:40AM UTC, Sep 25th 2010


I agree with the strict diet. I wouldn't eat more at all. I would just exercise more and eat more protein and less carbs as well as less sodium because the human body gets more sodium then it needs! Good luck :-)

SMCKAY2 - 9:17PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

You are not the only one with this problem. I kinda feel like you have to be really strict with your diet for at least a month and then you'll start to see some kind of change. Also, be sure YOU cook all your meals. Additives and preservatives are not healthy for the body and you may be getting more calories than what is actually counted for. Just take it one day at a time and soon or later, without you even noticing, the weight will come off!

NICKI313 - 1:16AM UTC, Apr 1st 2010


As you eat less and less (1200 is already not enough) your body is going into starvation mode. When your body is in starvation mode, everything you eat stays with you. You weight does not move, and when you do eat, you will binge. You need to be eating more ( healthy of course) and exercising throughout the week, since you probably have been sticking to your routine awhile, try adding more in...your body tends to hit a plateau. Good Luck!

JCRAMB - 8:22PM UTC, Mar 5th 2010

i think i will lower how many calories the dance classes "burn" because it says you burn fewer if you weigh less, and i am only looking to lose like 10 more lbs so let's see if this helps:)

JCRAMB - 8:16PM UTC, Mar 5th 2010

Maybe...i take modern and hip hop dance class at an advanced level. i just googled it for an hourly average of cals burned.

I lowered my target to 1100 so i guess we'll see what happens. definitely had a binge session yesterday:( first bad food though in 2 months!

Thanks girl
- Jilian

REBECCASUZANNE - 5:35PM UTC, Mar 4th 2010


Hmm! Could you possibly be overestimating your exercise calories? Why don't you eat back half of your exercise calories & see if that makes a difference?
Also, some people are more sensitive to sodium than others, so maybe you have too much sodium in your diet?

2010 Goal: Lose 1 lb per week

Eating is like drinking - you have to know when one more bite will do you in.

JCRAMB - 7:36PM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010

1200 taking into consideration exercise...so eat MORE?


REBECCASUZANNE - 5:25PM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010


Are you eating a net of 1200 or 1200 total? If 1200 total, eat back some of you exercise calories

2010 Goal: Lose 1 lb per week

Eating is like drinking - you have to know when one more bite will do you in.