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SMCKAY2 - 9:15PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

my activity level is good, make that very good...I've never exercised less than 3 times a week for as long as I can remember, yet, the weight is NOT coming off! What is it? I don't eat as bad as I could and I've lowered my alcohol consumption, when I hang out with friends. I started jenny craig in November and yet I gained 5lbs. I recently lost 6lbs but that's where it ends. For two weeks, I have not been able to see any changes in my weight. A little in inches but the weight is sticking to me like white on rice :( Is anyone else having this problem?

DORMANESS - 8:57PM UTC, Jul 8th 2010

North Pole Alaska

hmmm. could it be possible you're building muscle? if this keeps up you need to go see your doctor, it could be something more serious.


Sara B

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DARLINGBEE2 - 6:04AM UTC, Jun 9th 2010


It seems to me like a plateau.

I googled it. here's a link to an article.

I'm totally new to weight loss; so let me know if this works! good luck! I know you can do it. :]