i'm 20 and need some friends for support

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My mom signed me up a few years ago for CK and I never did anything with it. Now i'm ready to take this seriously. I want to get into shape again. My biggest issue is regulating my sleeping pattern. I have troubles falling asleep early so I don't wake up early and work out. I spend most of my day at work and once i'm home I say i'm too tired and wont work out.

BUT all that is changing.

I am going to start, at the very least, taking my dog for a walk every morning and night. I'd also like to get in AT LEAST a half hour of working out every day.

In a million years I NEVER would have considered posting my weight online for others to see because i've been ashamed and embarrassed but i'm changing my mindset, I no long am ashamed, I am just motivated.
i'm 5'5
When i started CK two days ago I weighted: 159
Today I weigh: 157
My intermediate goal weight is: 140
My final goal weight is: 124

So please, if you're reading this, add me as a friend. Lets chat. I have a REALLY hard time staying committed to eating healthy and working out. I'll do it for a few days then get "too busy" so lets keep each other going!

JUSTMARRIED10 - 3:22PM UTC, Nov 7th 2010


I am with you guys! :queen:

LADIEB828 - 2:06PM UTC, Oct 20th 2010

Charlotte, NC

Hey guys! Wanted to say :hi: I am new to CK ...joining yesterday. I am looking forward to this journey and I hope that I can join this group for support! If anyone needs helpful reminders or a buddy, please join my friend list! Hope you all have a great day!:cool1:

KIM_PIGEON14 - 9:00PM UTC, Oct 6th 2010

Fargo, ND

I would love to be in this little group with you guys! I've also joined about a year ago and am having the hardest time trying to lose weight. everytime i lose a little, i gain a bunch...i'm going to try and do it the right way i just have to stop making all the excuses that are so easy to make.

CARAMEL_BEAUTY - 2:27AM UTC, Sep 27th 2010


We all can do. We just have to remember mind over matter!

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RPASKOFF - 10:31PM UTC, Sep 25th 2010


:hi: nice to meet you!! Like you I signed up for this service almost a year ago and have not been very dedicated. Today is actually my first official day back so I am in the same boat you are! I think the hardest thing for me is being in college right now and having so much to do that i don't think about what I'm eating. If Wendy's or any other fast food place is near of course i'll go there because it is easy and i don't have to cook haha. I hope we can help each other get to our goals. We can do it girl!! :thumbu2:

CARAMEL_BEAUTY - 2:37AM UTC, Sep 25th 2010


I'm also in my 20's so anytime you need a friend, I am here to help. Todays my first day and I look forward to this journey.

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Aw you guys are awesome! thanks so much! I'm so new to this CK thing but i'm really excited. Its nice to have people who are trying for the same things as me. Adrienne, thanks so much for the tips! I think once college starts up again at the end of august i'll have an easier time getting to bed at the same time. Over the summer my work schedule is so messed up nothing is normal! I used to take Melatonin a couple years ago to help sleep and had totally forgotten about it! i'll have to try it agian! and Thatonestudent; haha a stickler is just what i need! :)

SW---159 (7.23.2010)
CW---157.8 (7.25.2010)
GW---125 (?.?.2010)

THATONESTUDENT - 5:32PM UTC, Jul 26th 2010


Welcome! I am so glad you are taking this trek to better health. The dog will love it too :) I am happy to keep you in check. I can be a bit of a stickler about checking you made target.

ADRIENNEJ02 - 5:08PM UTC, Jul 26th 2010

Atlanta, GA

Also - you may want to set an intermediate goal weight that is closer to your current weight and you will achieve faster. I would recommend 5-10 lbs.

ADRIENNEJ02 - 5:07PM UTC, Jul 26th 2010

Atlanta, GA

Hey - congrats on getting involved! A few tips from my experience (because I know exactly what you mean).

1. With regard to sleeping: Try getting in bed the same time every night and taking Melatonin (over the counter 3-5 mg/night) - it regulates your sleep/wake cycle and can really help kick start a healthy routine.

2. With regard to working out in the AM/PM: I am never able to get the morning workout I want - I just can't do it. However, I learned that if I bring my gym clothes with me to work, I will always go after. Also, once you actually start working out it gives you more energy.

I think this is a great start so far - congrats again on taking action!