newwwby :)

PLMORGS - 11:10PM PDT, Jul 12th 2010


hi everyone,
im new to CK, checked it out a few years ago but didnt stick with it. Now im ready to go the whole way. i have my wedding coming up in 2012 and need to look smoking for it!
hope u guys can help keep me motivated and i'll be here for all of you too :smile1:
best of luck

CARAMEL_BEAUTY - 7:34PM PDT, Sep 24th 2010


I congrat you on your engangment as well. I am also new to CK. I just signed up today so welcome :-)

AFI - 7:54PM PDT, Aug 30th 2010

From London to Scottsdale, AZ

Hello!! my name is Afi & welcome to ck! Well done on taking the first steps to creating a better you!! Congrats on your impending nuptials! If i can help with any thing let me know!! I moved to the states from London 3 years ago & am always looking to help out of townies!! Good luck!

PLMORGS - 11:54PM PDT, Aug 10th 2010


Thanks :) just looked at ur photos, congrats on ur progress so far!!!! wish i had ur willpower lol

THATONESTUDENT - 4:23PM PDT, Jul 19th 2010


Congratulatins on getting engaged and welcome to CK!