INSATIABOL - 3:47PM UTC, Jul 21st 2013


I set a goal to exercise 310 minutes per week which is 45 minutes per day. I was inspired by extreme makeover weight loss edition. I figured if they can work out hours a day and out weigh me by 150+ lbs then what is my excuse. Is it because I work full time and have a 18 month and a 7 month old? Is it because I don't get enough sleep? Whatever the excuse is it is important for me to overcome these objections and excuses and push through. I have made excuses for 15 years. I have finally run out. Instead of laying around watching TV and relaxing when the children nap I work out. Not only have I met my goal but exceeded my goal and am now working out 55 - 60 minutes per day. My goal now is to sustain 45 - 60 minutes per day for 21 days. Let's make exercise a HABIT!