Not many people post on this program.

TIGGERP8 - 12:00AM UTC, May 26th 2014

I may also be posting to myself. However, I am promising to use this program and to get on and post often. I would like to see other posts on this, so that there is someone to bounce ideas, successes and failures with. Life is good, and I have a lot to lose, but this has to happen for my future. Who will join me?

KATDIVA2014 - 6:49PM UTC, Jul 23rd 2014

" A Promise Worth Keeping"

I Promise to commit myself fully from July 21 to August 31, a total of five (5) weeks to following the program, making healthy choices daily, exercising at least 3 times a week, and believing in myself because I Can Do It. This is just the beginning and the above is an excellent way to start. :dazed: