Thinking about doing Yoga

DJ1818 - 1:13PM UTC, May 9th 2009

I'm thinking about doing a Yoga beginner's class, but I'm over 200 pounds and not very flexible. Are there other people in the classes like me?

SHELLLLBELL - 8:27PM UTC, Nov 25th 2009 View users public blog

Costa Mesa, CA

There are ALL KINDS of people who do yoga! There are the "traditional" people you would think of as yogis who are slender and super flexible. Sometimes those people surprise you and aren't that flexible at all. I've seen people who you look at and say, why are they here, then you realize that they are 3 times stronger than you and way more flexible. Size really doesn't matter! The more you do yoga, the stronger you get, and eventually you will slim down. You'll feel better too. Remember, yoga isn't about anyone but yourself. It's your practice, no matter how you do it and no matter how anyone else does it.

Good luck!!!:y:

CALORIEKINGON - 12:06AM UTC, Nov 19th 2009

Absolutely! Give it a try and don't be shy!!!! There are many many people that do Yoga for the wonderful benefits that are not very flexible or have concerns about weight etc. This is even more reason to go. Flexibility is progressive it is something you can get better at through practise. I am willing to bet that if you go for even a little while you might surpsise yourself with the progress you will make. I personally do a hot Yoga called Bikram this is also supposed to help with flexibility and to avoid injury etc. It will also help you burn MANY calories if this is something you want to do and it will speed up you metabolism also if I understand correctly. I say give it a try for a few sessions and don't be afraid or to self conscious about it. I hope you try it and enjoy it's benefits. Keep us posted.

Kind Regards,

Austin, TX.