Yoga Life

DAWNAPRIL - 12:58PM UTC, Apr 19th 2009


Goodmorning! I'm new to CK, just about a week old. I love to run and swim for excercise. Yoga saved me a couple years ago when I lost my dad (my physician told me it would help - it did) and I practice now as a way to keep myself calm and grounded. I am a married SAHM, freelance writer, ghost writer for a national syndicte and mother of 4 SUPER BUSY girls. One of my favorite times is when I light my candle, open my big picture window to the sun and practice whatever yoga happens to be on TiVo for the day. (I do a lot of FitTV's Namaste Yoga. Gentle, vinyasa flow) I live in MA, a couple hours east of Kripalu in the Berkshires so my next 2 steps are, signing up for an ashtanga yoga calss at my local Y and then, my reward for my goal weight, is a retreat weekend at Kripalu. Also, I would like to incorporate a more gentle, ayurvedic, holistic sort of lifestyle.